Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Keeping things fluid!

Between all the demos, workshops, art weeks, promotions, exhibitions and occasional sleeps I've been designing a brand new all singing all dancing 'fluid' website which will be hosted this Friday 4 December!

Whatever your device, tablet, smart phone or computer, you'll be able to see just what you need when you need it within this creative brand new and modern professional artists website...

The new modern website features exciting my latest award winning art for collectors and buyers, exciting new art courses and workshops for art students plus exciting new art holidays throughout the UK for 2016 as well as featuring two in Spain.

It's great to know all the efforts are paying off even before launch date - bookings are already coming in for all the different art holidays and art courses which is absolutely great!

With lots more creative features, sections and useful information, to include online demonstrations and future listed and featured exhibitions with some of the best galleries in Yorkshire, there's plenty of exciting creative art for you to share and enjoy

Exciting creative times ahead for us all!

Lets see what you think when you visit

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