Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Welcome to the midnight hour!

Robert Dutton Unison Colour Associate Artist with Cathi Dixon, Production Manager (left) and Helen Bullock, Marketing Manager at Unison Colour (right), checking the final selection of colours of Robert Dutton's Unison Colour 'Moorland Colours; box set of 36 glorious Unison Colour carefully selected hand made pastels to include new 'Dark 24' - such a versatile colour!
Unison Colour hand made soft pastels range has now been extended with a new and exceptionally popular dark colour range thanks to Unison Colour Associate Artist Robert Dutton from West Yorkshire. 

One of our Associate Professional Artists, Robert Dutton had noticed a while back that dark colours in the Unison Colour range looked a little limited. As such Robert contacted Unison Colour and proposed we collectively extend that part of the range to include a new deep and lively indigo blue.

Unison Colour are always open to new ideas and this felt like a good one and so began a close collaboration over an 18 month period with Robert to create a new dark shade of a  much sought after indigo blue.

Different stages of the colour adjustments in development to create the new Unison Colour 'Dark 24'
The new colours have been welcomed by a wide range of artists with different levels of ability in different disciplines who use naturally use Unison Colour because of their quality who now find the new darks an essential part of their working practice and now it would appear every pastel artist it cannot do without!

Early developments of the new Dark 24 in the Unison Colour lab at Unison Colour HQ - Thorneyburn Rectory' in the heart of the Northumberland National Park

The final chosen balance of pigments for the new Dark 24 - top quality pigments sourced for Unison Colour

Mixed and finally ready for rolling!

In action the highly skilled craft of hand rolling Unison Colour pastels - the new Dark 24 in the making!

The final chosen balance of carefully selected top quality pigments that create the hand make Unison Colour Dark 24. a beautiful inky blue that creates the most luscious darks in any pastel painting.

The creative journey mixing pigments and shades of the highest quality at Unison Colour HQ  (the historical 'Thorneyburn Rectory' in the heart of the Northumberland National Park), making small adjustments here, a new pigment ratio in several new hand rolled prototypes there, have now resulted in an exceptional range of beautiful rich darks indeed! 

The new collection of 8 new shades of darks (with colours inspired by Robert) include Dark 19, Dark 20, Dark 21, Dark 22, Dark 23, CB1, CB2. (4 blues, 2 purples, 2 blacks) a brand new deep blue 'dark 24' which Robert in particular was instrumental in making with Unison Colour. 

The full collection of the new Unison Colour Midnight Set - 8 essential dark colours for any pastelist
This colour alone is proving exceptionally popular with an ever increasing number of artists as the 'new blue' adds an exceptional luminous quality to dark areas of any pastel painting and makes exceptionally intriguing colours when blended with others.

Using the entire new dark range in combination and with other Unison Colour pastels, deep dark areas of pastel paintings now have a jewel like glow to them. 'A positive visual delight to use' as many artists say and follow with the highest standard of excellence and quality that Unison Colour are globally renown for.

The beautiful and robust creative and branded box set of Unison Colour Midnight Set of 8 colours

Discover for yourself how the new 'Midnight Set' inspired by professional UK artist Robert Dutton will add new dimensions and creativity to your own work - they are sure to inspire. 

Your midnight hour has arrived!

A closer look at 6 of the great colours in the Unison Colour Midnight Set - beautiful pastels ready to by complete from Jacksons Art

You can buy your very own Midnight Set at a really competitive price from Jacksons Art here


  1. I am quite new to soft pastels but have read many times that it’s best not to use black in your art. I am interested to learn why two blacks have been included in this darks set.

    1. Hi Netti,

      Thanks for your comment and enquiry.

      Black is indeed a colour that must be used with caution so the advice you have been given is correct.

      However, when used sparingly or with other colours to create a chromatic black (ie. has a shade of another colour in the mix and not just pure black), then this deep colour can add the necessary depth to your work.

      The blacks in this set you will discover when compared with other pastel brands are rich and velvety. Great for using with charcoal drawings as well.

      Hope this answers your query NETTI.

      All the best, Robert

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