Tuesday 9 September 2014

On a roll with Strathmore papers!

Strathmore 500 papers
The clear and distinct variations between the different colours of the watercolour sheets in the Strathmore 500 series (left to right) as Imperial Not 140lb (300gsm), Gemini Rough 40lb (300gsm) and Aquarius II 80lb (170gsm) as branded watermarks and deckled edges.

Well, actually these papers come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes, textures and finishes and I just love them!

I've recently completed an article for 'The Artist' magazine as the concluding one in a four part series focusing on different mills offering very different papers indeed. 

I have to say, I found the Strathmore papers to be amongst some of the most robust and the way the mill creates many of its papers with a beautiful embossed logo in the bottom left hand corner...well, I just do NOT want to have this hidden under a mount!

Cleverly Stathmore have watermarks for the different papers you use which is great. If you have them altogether in storage you only have to pull out a sheet, check the left hand corner if in doubt as to which is which.
Strathmore 500 Series Imperial Not 140lb (300gsm)
A beautifully textured paper for expressive drawing as well as painting. fantastic expressive mark making capabilities for really distinctive work.

Such a good watermark and paper of quality signing my name next too and endorsing is an absolute must. Working with mixed black and white media (as shown here) I deliberately glide the pastel and black media over the watermark so you can see it - who wouldn't! It is perfectly and accurately embossed - a real mark of quality and as such you are compelled to do your best work on the paper (so thank you strathmore).

To discover more about the Strathmore papers I road tested  with fantastic results right across the range look out for 'The Artist' magazine in January 2005. If you cannot wait until then you can always order some yourself by visiting https://www.artistpapers.co.uk/

There is something for everyone - you will not be disappointed!

On with the next black and white media paintings on these amazing papers....watch this space!

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