Monday 28 March 2016

From Matlock to the moors

What an absolute honour and privilege I've had recently teaching over 30 students in a full day workshop at Matlock. 

This amazing group of talented and friendly group of artists were really receptive to lots of new and exciting techniques I was thrilled to pass on during our wonderful day together.  

The theme was moorland painting with watercolour and pastel and many of the group followed my lead to paint on Canson Moulin du Roy 100% cotton rag 300gsm (140lb) watercolour paper in both rough and not textures creating colourful, atmospheric and visually eye catching paintings.

It was great to watch the paintings take shape on this superb and responsive paper. Everyone just loved how versatile Canson Moulin du Roy paper was and the smiles and results from everyone just speak for themselves.

The demonstration painting I created for everyone started vertically and with lots of wet in wet watercolour and gouache washes running one into the other down the sheet. Great fun showing the group just how, by painting and drawing with the brush at the same time and being free and expressive with the marks you make in the early stages, allows plenty of exciting possibilities and directions for a paintings expressive development.

The day went really quickly with a lot of superb paintings being achieved by everyone. Right at the end we had a mini exhibition of everyones paintings and they looked superb! 

Meanwhile the moorland painting I started as a demo for Matlock Art Society I took back into the Pennines above Holmfirth with me at the first opportunity of a break in the weather for the next stage of the paintings completion. 

Accompanying me was my very good friend and professional photographer Richard Littlewood. We are presently creating a film of my painting so I can pass on my expressive art techniques to a wider audience in the future once completed. Keep you posted about that!

Thanks again to Matlock Art Society. A really positive day and I look forward to coming back to teach again ASAP!

Do look out for that film too 'Robert Dutton, painting in The Pennines' soon to be released on u-tube and elsewhere! Lots for everyone to enjoy once its rolling.


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