Thursday 28 July 2016

'In action' at Art in Action

New audiences and new work. That's what it's all about isn't it? Well it is for me so it was a real thrill to be entertaining the crowds as it were at 'Art in action' near Oxford recently from 13 - 15 July.

Although this wonderful art event went on for another 2 days until Sunday 17 July, I could not disappoint a full class of students waiting for me at Higham Hall in The Lake District the day after wanting to learn what I was showing in Oxford for themselves.

For the 3 days I was there it was great to be working with the Canson team. Such amazing people and such amazing and versatile papers. Such a thrill!

Canson papers never fail me. They just about take anything. They need to do so -  especially when I get my screwdriver, hacksaw blade out and Amsterdam Acrylic spray paints out and start my mixed media paintings pushing the paper and myself in new and exciting directions!

It's a real thrill to pass on everything I discover with new media to continually enthusiastic audiences everywhere to include the wonderful receptive art enthusiasts at Oxford.

Browsers at Art in action - spotting a bargain when they see one! (Several sold too).

The Canson stand at Art in action - all set up for another day to promote the quality and versatility of these amazing papers helping creatives of every discipline discover new and exciting ways of working on their unique painting and drawing surfaces

It was an absolute joy to meet lots of different art societies, artists, leaned individuals, see familiar and respected art businesses (to include Pip Seymour Fine Art Products, Derwent, Pro Arte and so many more), at this fantastic art event and exchange ideas as well as business cards and contact details.

Really looking forward to seeing you all again some time in the future for more creative thrills wherever that may be!

For more details how to get involved, 'loosen up', be more free with your work and learn some amazing art techniques and discover for yourself why Canson papers are so good visit

See you soon!

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