Sunday 27 November 2016

A November to remember at Higham Hall

Dramatic light and shade explored with tonal drawing at Honister Pass - what a view, what a great drawing underway!

What an exciting and rewarding painting week we have all just had at Higham Hall.

Our first full day started with a superb painting and drawing trip to one of the most dramatic locations in The Lake District - Honister Pass!

Fantastic and dramatic light and shade at Honister Pass in The lake District - perfect for our first mixed media painting and drawing day at Higham Hall this November

The amazing buttress walls at Honister Pass near Honister Slate Mine in The lake District - the real caretakers of the mountain. What these guys cannot do with slate, nobody can!

The views from the top of the mountain pass where absolutely stunning. The late Autumn colours just glowed in the sunshine and the deep mountain shadows carpeting the flanks of both sides of the deep descending valley added to the visual impact.

Diana enjoying every minute painting in the Autumn sunlight at Honister Pass - such an inspirational location for everyone!

Diana's  free and expressive mixed media drawing underway at Honister Pass - ink and stick never looked so good!

Choosing to work in black and white mixed media only for all provided the perfect opportunity for everyone to explore expressive drawing techniques to the full at such a dramatic location. 

A great mountain path at the top of Honister Pass - the perfect place to explore the 'big view' looking all the way down into Borrowdale towards Buttermere. Fantastic!
Margaret's exciting mixed media black and white painting really coming along and developing - well done Margaret!

Painting and drawing at Honister Pass was such a great success for everyone that further studio paintings created during the week at Higham Hall looked equally amazing as the location work did. 

Barbara's superb mixed media acrylic painting created in the studio. A beautiful expressive painting full of texture, drama and life based upon Barbara's equally great expressive drawing with black and white media at Honister Pass. A top class result!

Studio workshops were packed full of great learning experiences for everyone with regular demonstrations, group and one to one tuition each and every day to maximise everyone's learning ability. 

Veronica's studio painting and very personal interpretation in painting style (greatly encouraged during the week with me) based upon her drawing at Honister Pass. How fantastic this acrylic ink and pastel painting looks - especially since this is the first time Veronica has ever used either media! WOW!
A change os scene - Wastwater Lake this time in Wasdale Valley, The Lake District. Acrylic mixed media painted on canvas by Margaret focusing on light and dark and glowing colours. Another great 'first time experience' combining acrylic inks, acrylic, gesso and pumice together on canvas for Margaret. 

Diane concentrating on the exercise 'making a painting from within a painting' highly successfully using acrylic mixed media in lots of exciting ways - thrilling, eye catching results in each one!

Between evening demos, constructive painting reviews and social get togethers we had lots of fun sharing time with other Higham Hall tutors and students on different art courses all there the same time, exchanging ideas with a mutual appreciation for each other's creative skills.

Here are just a few of the comments kindly left by some from all who enjoyed the course with me:

"Thoroughly enjoyed taking part. Robert is a first class tutor, not precious about sharing his experience and techniques with others. Looking forward to trying them even more at home."

"Enjoyed the course with Robert who is a serious artist but light hearted in approach. Lots of good info. as well re. other artists and also about materials."

"I have acquired lots of new techniques which I will enjoy using and, I hope, will be able to develop."

Higham Hall really is a great place to relax. Unwind, have a great learning experience and being one big happy family, very welcoming to new students and regular guests with an open mind who continually  want to experience something very different, enriching and altogether - fun and personally rewarding." 

See you all next time!

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For more details about the amazing Honister Slate Mine with activities, visitors centre and shop visit


  1. Thanks very much Robert, good memories! Alison (not Diane!)

    1. Hi Alison, I'll change that. Sorry. Told you I was useless with names - good job I'm better at teaching! Thanks again. Hope to see you again soon.