Saturday 27 May 2017

Canson and Derwent - perfect in combination!

Thanks to the support of Derwent art materials (UK) and Canson papers (from France) a full class of 18 students combined the brand new Derwent XL Blocks with the top class Canson Moulin du Roy beautifully responsive watercolour paper in a really exciting workshop in Bardsey village, North Leeds earlier in March.

With the theme of 'Mountains and moorland' students quickly and effectively put into practice easy to follow techniques in their own exciting paintings following an energetic demonstration for all using both Derwent XL Graphite and Charcoal blocks in the same painting.

The amazing chunky yet easy to use Derwent XL Blocks inspired all sorts of creative techniques by everyone throughout the day using XL Blocks to both draw and paint with in the same work building rich layers of muted colours in their work.

Using the robust yet responsive Canson 'Moulin du Roy' 300gsm (140lb) 'not' 100% rag content watercolour paper, the unique surface quality of this top quality support worked in perfect harmony to explore everyone's creative ideas. 

With 6 colours available in the graphite range and a further 6 specialist colours available in the charcoal set of Derwent XL Blocks which can be combined together in all sorts of combinations, lots of creative options are available at your finger tips.

The strength of the Canson 'Moulin du Roy' watercolour paper allowed lots and lots of workability with a lovely interplay with the blocks on the unique surface texture of the paper creating really exciting painterly effects in everyone's paintings.

Some students chose to bring different brands of hard and soft pastel and used many with Derwent XL Blocks too (as I frequently do myself with other media also), demonstrating yet still further the versatility and creative expression of what's is possible with Derwent's amazing drawing and painting tools.

Thanks again to Derwent and Canson for their support for exceptional art materials for us to use and creatively explore is this fabulous workshop. A really rewarding and creative day which everyone thoroughly enjoyed and gave everyone the perfect insight and rewarding practical experience into just what's possible when combining the affordable 
To find out more about the full and versatile range of Canson papers ( to include pastel papers and mixed media papers) visit

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