Tuesday 27 February 2018

Derwent Inktense workshop brighten everyones day!

Derwent Inktense blocks - everyones favourite as they proved so easy to use to create bright uplifting paintings with - especially those during our 'Bluebells in Spring Woodland' workshop in North Leeds

It might still be Winter but artists who came to a recent workshop in North Leeds are full of the joys of Spring having recently painted some fabulous colourful paintings using Derwent Inktense blocks and pencils.

The popular theme 'Bluebell woodland in sunlight and shade' could not have been better to explore the wonderful range of versatile colours generously provided by Derwent Art Materials supporting our recent North Leeds workshop.

A little goes a long way with Derwent Inktense - beautiful bright colours to both draw and paint with easily

Multiple layering with Derwent Inktense blocks produce real depth in everyones colourful paintings. A fabulous media to create pastel type effects over several Inktense colour washes without dusting

Combination techniques between big brush washes with Inktense and details on top using the edges and corners of different Inktense blocks and Inktense pencils

Each student was provided with a full set of 24 Inktense colours and Inktense pencils too throughout the day to work with. The entire Derwent inktense range of colours in both blocks and pencils consists of 12 very useful colours, 24 and 36 gorgeous colours and an extensive 72 full colour set of really fabulous colours that offer so much versatility!

Derwent Inktense Blocks being used to draw into wet washes of applied Inktense colours. Washes are prepared before hand in large wells by shaving, trimming or cutting sections of the blocks into containers and adding water to allow them to dissolve. More water - lighter wash, less water - stronger wash. So versatile!

When Inktense washes are dry, unlike watercolour, they are permanent. A great advantage as further applications of colour do not disturb those underneath so colour washes remain clean and pure. As shown here this inspires so many different creative expressive mark making techniques in the same painting creating stunning visual effects

From the very expressive to the delicate and controlled approach Derwent Inktense is with you all the way helping you to develop your own particular style in a much brighter and more colourful way - a joy to use

Premixed Derwent Inktense colours being used with a Pro Arte Swordliner to create beautiful painterly detailed effects in all the trees in this colourful Springtime composition 

The paintings everyone created were amazing - really colourful compositions that explored the bright colourful permanent layering techniques Derwent Inktense blocks are known for, together with a whole host of other creative techniques that everyone really enjoyed exploring throughout the workshop.

Watercolour techniques being explored with premixed colours of Derwent Inktense blocks which intermix perfectly one into the other to create just the right tone you need when you need it most

The results spoke for themselves - a line up of of 20 lovely colourful paintings created by everyone who came. 
Combinations of both drawn and painted effects using Derwent Inktense blocks. Notice how clean and radiant Derwent Inktense colour washes are when painted one over the other - a fabulous media that both water colourists and pastelists can benefit from

Here are just a few comments I've kindly received about the workshop and Inktense so far:

'Many thanks for an inspirational workshop on Friday at Bardsey.  I loved the product and have just ordered a set, can't wait for them to arrive and start painting, developing all the tips you showed us.'
P. Gurd

'I think the Inktense blocks are fantastic. I love the vibrancy and the fact that they are permanent and don't lift when layering.  I will certainly be using them again and think they will be great as an underpainting for my pastels on the Fisher 400 and Uart sanded paper instead of watercolour or acrylic.  Such value for money as well.  I'll be going to see Tim at the Art Shop soon to get a set!'
D. Dyer 

Students on the workshop putting into practice what they have learned from my short demos throughout the day, group and one to one tuition - the results speak for themselves!
To learn more about the creative possibilities for you and your art you'll be interested to know that 'The Artist' magazine (for whom I regularly contribute articles for) with be including in the June issue (available at the end of May from all leading newsagents) a full article in review of this very versatile and popular creative media from Derwent.

My own demonstration painting of 'Bluebells in Spring light'. I'm so looking forward to finishing this and using Derwent Inktense blocks and pencils to do so...keep you posted!

For further information about the full range of popular top quality Derwent Art Materials visit: www.derwentart.com

To purchase your choice of Derwent Inktense blocks and pencils at a really competitive price 'The Ilkley Art Shop' stocks the entire range. 

Visit https://www.theartshops.co.uk for more details 

The Ilkley Art Shop'
Hawksworth St, 
Ilkley LS29 9DU
Tel: 01943 609031


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  9. That sounds like a fun workshop! Lately I've been feeling swamped with classes, and art supplies can be expensive. Do you think this workshop would be helpful for beginners? Also, I gotta be honest, my schedule is nuts, so ideally I'd find someone to pay someone to do my class for me (don't tell the teacher!). But if this workshop is amazing, I might be able to swing it! Just curious about the difficulty level.