Tuesday 15 July 2014

Ebb and flow

Its quite amazing how the introduction of a new paper you have never tried before can quite simply change your direction and inject new vigour into your work. 

Recently road testing a collection of ‘new’ watercolour papers for Canson as part of a series of 4 articles for ‘The Artist’ magazine directly putting 4 mills and their papers under the spotlight, I was really impressed by this ‘Vidalon’ 300gsm (140lb) ‘Prominent Grain’ paper.

Here’s what I had to say within the article:
‘The wonderful surface texture to this paper is perfect for working with pastel.It has a lot of tooth and allows plenty of reworking and layering effects to be achieved. A great watercolour paper for pastelists to consider as a support to their paintings.’

For the rest of the review you will just have to wait until the article is released in the magazine in the November ‘14 issue. The magazine is well worth buying...and so are the Canson papers! 

You can subscribe here to this superb creative and inspirational art magazine:

If you just cannot wait until November to read the review and would like to know more about Canson and their papers and other superb papers visit http://en.canson.com/

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