Monday 15 December 2014

A coastal collection for Gallery Forty-Nine in ‘Walmington-on-Sea’!

I love our Yorkshire coast – it has everything I desire and need as an artist who paints seascapes. The rich diversity of locations, quaint fishing villages and historic old towns along our East Coast offers exceptional and very unique so much so that a recent film crew have been to the old town of Bridlington and other areas of Yorkshire to film the new film ‘Dad’s Army’ transforming the old town of Bridlington during the process to become ‘Walmington-on-Sea’ in the 1940’s. 

I arrived delivering a new coastal collection to Gallery Forty-Nine as the film crew were packing up their props during the process of the gallery getting ‘back to business’ during the change over. It was really great to see just how much work the film crew had put in to transform the old town, I hardly recognised the place! 

It was a real delight to meet the really friendly film crews as they briefly stopped to admire my work as I proudly delivered it to Gallery Forty-Nine, the prestigious east Coast Gallery right in the heart of the old town. In fact the gallery is used in the film as well. Being right next door to the ‘Walmington-on-Sea’ bank (made famous in the film for being Captain George Mainwaring’s place of work as the bank manager in Dad’s Army) Gallery Forty-Nine features quite a bit I’d imagine.

Exhibiting in the gallery are several of David Hockney’s signed original prints. How fantastic to be exhibiting in the same gallery as David Hockney! Apparently he visits the gallery quite a bit (I missed him this time), but Liz is famous in her own right anyway for accepting the very best artists in Yorkshire so, thumbs in braces, I was really delighted as Liz Hillman looked at my work and said ‘Yes, these will do! I’m sure we’re going to have success with these!’

Gallery 49
Market Place, Bridlington, North Humberside YO16 4QJ
Tel: 01262 679472

Opening Hours: Thursday - Saturday, 11:30am - 4:00pm 

or call to view by appointment

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