Monday 15 December 2014

Upon reflection with East Keswick Art Group

It is always a pleasure to teach a new art group different art techniques so it was absolutely great to be invited by Jackie Goldby who is an active member of East Keswick Art Group – an outstanding skilful art Group with mixed levels of ability known for their great work, to invite me to come and teach them recently.

Choosing a river study with flowing waters and mixed media art techniques I began to demonstrate just how responsive loose expressive watercolour can be for such a subject, especially when combined with pastel. 

Choosing ‘Langton Prestige’, the high quality 100% cotton rag content watercolour paper by Daler-Rowney, the high white of this ‘not’ surface watercolour paper worked exceptionally well creating great resonance of colour and sharpness of brush stroke whilst soft pastel over watercolour washes allowed lot of different surface marks to be created with lots of beautiful and expressive effects.

It was great watching the paintings from everyone develop to wonderful finished paintings at the end of the day which everyone was proud to take home. The little show we put on right at the end was thoroughly appreciated proving once again that realistically that every artist cannot work in isolation or a vacuum and an open minded approach (which this great group most certainly had) proved dividends throughout the day.

I wish East Keswick Art Group the very best of successes and hope to be back again in the near future.

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