Tuesday 14 March 2017

Create the Rembrandt way!

14 lucky artists who secured themselves a place on a recent workshop with me got the opportunity to create some really stunning pastel paintings using the fabulous Rembrandt pastels made by Royal Talens in a wonderful 'Dales with a difference' workshop held recently in North Leeds.

The workshop was supported by Royal Talens (from Holland) who kindly gave each student who came on the workshop a lovely wooden box of beautifully presented pastels to take home and keep and try out during the day. 

The workshop was also also supported by Canson Paper (from France) who generously supplied every student with a good sized sheet of their top class Canson Mi-Tientes 'Touch' 350gsm pastel paper on which they all created their amazing pastel paintings. 

No wonder the workshop was so popular with both these amazing art materials included within the exciting workshop!

The unique tooth of this sanded pastel paper surface worked brilliantly with Rembrandt pastels in particular (as I knew it would) and everyone discovered for themselves  throughout the day time and time again just how good both the select choice of paper and pastels colours worked in harmony to create some amazing pastel paintings. 

Everyone loved how easy Rembrandt pastels are to use and how they inspire so much confidence to work with. 'You just don't want to put them down' as one student said to me. That's so true!

The high quality 'starter' wooden box set containing15 carefully selected colours (from the 525 full range of Rembrandt pastels) given to each student on the day, worked brilliantly with other makes of pastels too. 

Several students brought other brands to mix with Rembrandt but soon found themselves using the Rembrandt pastels more and more - quality being recognised by all levels of students there!

Throughout the days teaching helping everyone equally to create 14 really great pastel paintings everyone was proud of, every painting showed a great use of colour and atmospheric light, great expression and sense of place and above all personal style.

The quality, versatility, colour strength, ease of application with no dusting and overall top quality of the paintings created in such a short time realistically, speak for themselves. 

Here are just a few of all the great pastel paintings created on the day and some of the comments received:

"Fabulous day, really great pastels and paper. I'm really delighted with my pastel painting and cannot wait to paint another".

"Once again, thank you Robert for such a great pastel workshop. Loved the paper, loved the pastels and loved my pastel painting too - I'll just have to get it framed!"

"I've never really painted with pastels before but after this workshop I'm hooked. I loved how easy the pastels are to work with on the Canson paper. I'll be back!

To find out more about Royal Talens Rembrandt pastels and other professional art materials visit https://www.royaltalens.com/en-gb/

To find out more about Canson Mi-Tientes 'Touch' pastel paper and all their other fine art papers visit http://en.canson.com/