Thursday 28 July 2016

'In action' at Art in Action

New audiences and new work. That's what it's all about isn't it? Well it is for me so it was a real thrill to be entertaining the crowds as it were at 'Art in action' near Oxford recently from 13 - 15 July.

Although this wonderful art event went on for another 2 days until Sunday 17 July, I could not disappoint a full class of students waiting for me at Higham Hall in The Lake District the day after wanting to learn what I was showing in Oxford for themselves.

For the 3 days I was there it was great to be working with the Canson team. Such amazing people and such amazing and versatile papers. Such a thrill!

Canson papers never fail me. They just about take anything. They need to do so -  especially when I get my screwdriver, hacksaw blade out and Amsterdam Acrylic spray paints out and start my mixed media paintings pushing the paper and myself in new and exciting directions!

It's a real thrill to pass on everything I discover with new media to continually enthusiastic audiences everywhere to include the wonderful receptive art enthusiasts at Oxford.

Browsers at Art in action - spotting a bargain when they see one! (Several sold too).

The Canson stand at Art in action - all set up for another day to promote the quality and versatility of these amazing papers helping creatives of every discipline discover new and exciting ways of working on their unique painting and drawing surfaces

It was an absolute joy to meet lots of different art societies, artists, leaned individuals, see familiar and respected art businesses (to include Pip Seymour Fine Art Products, Derwent, Pro Arte and so many more), at this fantastic art event and exchange ideas as well as business cards and contact details.

Really looking forward to seeing you all again some time in the future for more creative thrills wherever that may be!

For more details how to get involved, 'loosen up', be more free with your work and learn some amazing art techniques and discover for yourself why Canson papers are so good visit

See you soon!

Creative connections in Cumbria

What an eventful creative year so far its been...especially in The Lake District!

Students having a great time painting at Ashness Bridge in The Lake District March 2016

Higham Hall - great seasonal learning
Art holidays at Higham Hall (close to Bassenthwiate Lake) near Keswick in the Western Fells are going from strength to strength and that's great for all involved. I've done three so far this year - one in late March (29 March to 3 April to be exact), another 22 - 27 May and one superb mid Summer one recently completed 17 - 22 July. 

The weather was pretty kind to us on each of the holidays and it was great to combine both indoor and outdoor painting experiences and minibus tours through beautiful and dramatic (as well as the often picturesque) landscape of Lakeland  to and from Higham Hall all expertly driven by George Cooke the principal of Higham Hall - yes, it's that kind of a place!

Here's just a few of the places and great experiences at Higham Hall we have all had recently...

Higham Hall March '16

A fantastic tranquil setting to paint the flowing waters at Ashness Bridge

 Demo stage 1 complete - now it's everyone else's turn!

Caroline painting Ashness Bridge with watercolour and pastel with the whole place to herself!

Demo stage 2 - caught in the act!

The Dewentwater steamer cuts a perfect passage through the tranquil lake, now you see it... you don't.
The amazing mossy trees at 'Surprise view' a little way above Ashness Bridge.
Another mixed media painting subject there!

Higham Hall May '16

Painting mixed media in the heart of Newlands Valley

Fabulous student painting of Newlands valley using watercolour and pastel techniques...

...and again, another superb Newlands valley mixed media painting!
Newlands Valley in the Spring

Beautiful bright and fresh greens of spring through Newlands Valley close to Higham Hall
Hillsides of Yellow Gorse through Newlands Valley - the Spring blossom was everywhere!

Backlit trees and the plunging deep ravines at the head of Newlands Valley - a painting in itself!

Marion's pastel painting inspired by the waterfall setting at the head of Newlands Valley - a great interpretation created with feeling!

The magic of the mountains! Wonderful pastel work on the May art holiday - really impressive...
...and again...

...and again!

Higham Hall July '16

Helmut concentrating on his painting by the shoreline of Buttermere -
a great one to take back to Germany with him safely in his car!

Rydal Hall - peace and harmony in The lake District
From 25 - 29 May I was at Rydal Hall close to Ambleside teaching mixed media techniques for a full class again and that was absolutely great for everyone and a real creative buzz. 

With 40 acres of woods and grounds on site owned by Rydal Hall, there was plenty to fascinating views to paint, especially with a wonderful fast flowing mountain stream tumbling down the hillside between the trees keeping us company! 

Rydal Hall, terrace and gardens - I wish I could get stripes that good on my own!
A beautiful tranquil Spring morning at Rydal Hall

The gentle moving waters at lakeshore, Rydal Water - perfect for our painting days

Rydal Falls within the grounds of Rydal Hall - Wordsworth's favourite, and ours too!

Some of the students enjoying the tranquil woodland at Rydal Hall. Clare's drawing is looking great...

...drawing and sharing space with the Jubilee statues in the woods at Rydal Hall...

Derwent filming near Keswick, 14-15 June 
I was in The Lake district again. This time I was invited by 'Derwent' (professional art materials) to be filmed using their amazing XL Blocks in their studio close to Keswick for the 'Get Inspired' featured section on their website.

Although I already have a presence on their website (with every featured mixed media painting being created at Higham Hall as it happens for my students), these short dvd's of me 'in action' with XL Blocks will teach you LOTS about how to use them expressively for all levels of artists. 

Films will be released soon so keep visiting and look out for them

Penrith Art Society - a fabulous 2 day creative event, 31 May - 1 June
Filmed again in the Lake district..but with a difference! Mixed media was put into action for Penrith Art Society on the evening of 31 May and what a great night that was! 

A superb audience response and enthusiasm for my expressive mixed media art techniques 

With equal enthusiasm the following days workshop teaching 11 members of Penrith Art Society 'free flowing' art techniques was thoroughly enjoyed. Great work created during the workshop as you can see!

It was a real honour to be invited to share my skills with you all. Thank you!

A special thanks to Diana Smith too from Penrith Art Society for her kindness and generosity for allowing me to stay in her wonderful home after my first evening demonstration and for all the lovely food. Just Great! Looking forward to seeing you all again next year perhaps? I hope so!

Returning again soon to The Lake District!

Here's one I did earlier...SOLD now!
18 - 22 August sees me returning once again to The Lake District to teach another full class of eager students on another superb art holiday at Rydal Hall. We are all really looking forward to that one - especially painting by the lakeshore of Rydal Water just a stones throw from the magnificent historical Rydal Hall!

Keep you all posted.