Thursday 20 August 2015

Release your inner glow!

Burnt Sienna is one of the most useful colours you will ever use. The colour gives a really unique glow and warmth to all your paintings.

Everything fully explained in the August 2015 issue of 'The Artist' magazine out now.

This continues my series of a select range of acrylic colours, carefully chosen for their versatile and very unique qualities.

If you want to paint your own, why not join me soon exploring the fantastic inspirational North York Moors landscape still further from 22-27 November 2015 at Cober Hill on the East Coast of Yorkshire near Scarborough.

For further information and activities on this all inclusive fantastic and affordable art holiday visit

To read more about all the wonderful, informative articles packed full of techniques, colours focus and so much more featuring many of todays practicing, leading, professional and contemporary artists and to subcribe to this great magazine visit

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