Sunday 4 October 2015

Just drawn to black and white

Sudden bright light - Newlands Valley, Cumbria
Mixed media black and white (to include Liquitex Inks and Nitram Charcoal)
Moulin du Roy 300gsm (140lb) 'rough'
100% cotton watercolour paper
26 x 22.5 inches (66 x 57cm)

Snow clouds over Langdale valley
Mixed media black and white (to include Liquitex Inks and Nitram Charcoal)
Moulin du Roy 300gsm (140lb) 'rough'
100% cotton watercolour paper
26 x 19.5 inches (66 x 49.5cm)

Some recent drawings which have been keeping me busy this Summer as I finish and frame them for some of the best proactive galleries to show them throughout the North of England to include Yorkshire and The Lake District.

The vast majority of papers I have been using to create them have been created by Canson. Their papers are exceptional in every way with their very unique surface qualities.

Study of trees - Rydal Woods, Rydal Hall, Cumbria
Black and white media with Nitram Charcoal on Canson "C" à grain 224gsm
18.5 X 18.5 inches (47 x 47 cm) 

Canson "C" à grain 224 gsm
My drawing paper of choice above all other drawing papers.
Thanks to the fine grain of this top quality drawing paper which is neither too smooth nor too prominent, this allows many different expressive drawing media to be used on this robust drawing paper in so many exciting ways!

Manufactured using only alpha cellulose, it contains absolutely no lignin (which might result in yellowing of the paper over time) and is naturally white with no optical brightness additives. The paper is acid-free and permanent so you have every confidence when working on this paper that your top quality drawings will last the test of time.

There is a pretty good watermark as well embossed into the paper at the top and bottom edges showing the Canson name and logo in repeat which is great. I let mine be seen when framed to show the quality of the paper I have used to the viewer! 

Flowing waters - Rydal Beck, Rydal Hall, Cumbria
Moulin du Roy 300gsm (140lb) 'not'
100% cotton watercolour paper

30 x 22 inches (76 x 56cm)

Canson is '1557'
Another paper I've recently been using for drawing from Canson is '1557' 200gsm. It has a light grain and is an acid-free paper suitable for studies, sketches and drawing. I choose the heaviest weight available again for my expressive drawing techniques as I require a quality paper to work with me and to confidently work on when I'm in full creative flow. 200gsm is pretty heavy for a drawing paper and I like that!

1557 is 100% alpha-cellulose, containing no wood fibre. Makes a big difference does that as it is STRONG for its weight. Stock and surface-sized it withstands repeated erasing and will not flake. It stands out for its pure white colour...and its quality of course!

Moulin du Roy watercolour 100% rag content fine art watercolour papers in all grades of 'Hot pressed', 'Not' and 'Rough' are fantastic papers for drawing on. I choose 300gsm (140lb) as a minimum weight to begin with since I can quickly decide to work with many different water based mixed media techniques on this paper with absolute confidence if need be, which I often do with great successes!

In technique I apply inks, Liquitex acrylic inks, pastel, pearlescent tinting mediums, Nitram Charcoal and so,so much more to build up reach layers of sumptuous expressive mark making. During the process media is washed off, scratched into, sheets are torn and glued together again and collaged...then reworked again! No way would my expressive techniques like this work with anything less than the very best papers - hence CANSON!

For more information about Canson fine art papers visit
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