Sunday, 20 December 2015

In celebration of our creative year

As the year draws to a close (no pun intended) it's a great time to reflect on such a great creative year...and it's all down to you!

I'd like to thank all students who have attended my art courses, workshops and art holidays, all directors and staff at the chosen centres of excellence where I have taught this year (with re bookings for next) for their superb support this year, and thanks to all Facebook and Twitter followers for all your support too!

In celebration of a really memorable year I'd like to thank all the art clubs and art societies for the demonstration and workshop bookings and have been delighted to have inspired you all.

Thanks too to the wonderful gallery owners who have supported, promoted and exhibited my work and had faith in me throughout 2016 - I'm delighted to have made some great sales for you! Roll on 2016 for our continued exhibitions!

No least a big thanks to all at 'Team Canson' (Canson - the great paper company from France) who brought me into their fold early 2015 and made me one of their only two UK Canson Ambassadors - a real honour! 2016 with Canson is going to be another cracker!

Nitram Charcoal from Canada have been absolutely brilliant this year too with with my charcoal drawings using their superb top quality charcoal helping me to receive such great public admiration at 'Art World' in Frankfurt at the beginning of 2015 on their amazing stand. 2016 will start with a bang with yet more of my Nitram Charcoal drawings heading for Frankfurt with Nitram and then to Texas with the company later in the year - exciting times ahead!

2015 was a great year working with all staff at 'The Artist' magazine with all the different almost monthly articles written for this great magazine helping to inspire an even bigger audience to the joys of creative painting techniques - especially with mixed media!

if I've missed anyone out I do apologise. Such a superb and eventful 2015 it's hard to take it all in!

All all the very best for Christmas and I look forward to inspiring you all and having fun painting with you all again in the coming New year and sharing lots of new and exciting creative things with you!

Have a good one!

Featured painting
Approaching Pennine Sleet
Acrylic on board
51 x 51cm (20 x 20 inches)


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