Tuesday 15 July 2014

Success at ‘Patchings’ open arts competition 2014.

Success at ‘Patchings’ open arts competition 2014

I knew I’d done a good one when I was half way through demonstrating this recent award winning painting for my students at one of my Autumn full pastel workshops at Follifoot village Hall last Autumn.

It took me until April ‘14 to later finished it in the studio with the same vigour I’d shown in the class demonstrating. The topographical landmarks of the landscape had to be right but I didn’t let the accuracy the painting had to be slow me down - far from it, getting these things correct in the first place allowed me the freedom of expression to create the rest of the painting with vigour for the excitement felt on this bright windswept day as seen from the top of the magnificent natural amphitheatre of Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales.

Roll on my next Dales outing and demonstrations for all in my next Autumn Follifoot workshops! Who knows what they might inspire my students to do too!

More information about the painting, ‘Patchings’ and the prize visit

More information about the Autumn workshops at Follifoot and how you can learn these award winning techniques from me visit http://rdcreative.co.uk/art_workshops

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