Wednesday 16 July 2014

Summer sensation at Newby Hall

Newby Hall has it all - superb gardens with fantastic design and colour, intimate smaller garden settings, ponds, statues, sculpture trails through tranquil woodlands, a beautiful majestic famous elegant Hall - we were just spoilt for choice for painting subjects.

Our workshop on Friday 11 July began with a meander through the gardens looking at the different corners whilst I explained the options for many colourful compositional choices to paint. we were not disappointed - there was many!

Soon after we all returned to the famous 'long border' with beautiful planting leading the eye perfectly to the majestic Hall itself to give a demonstrations with pastels how to tackle both plant and architecture in the same painting. 

Explaining about shape, colour, proportion and form, everyone soon got started to expressively apply these techniques to their own colourful paintings - and what great results too!

The weather was just fantastic - another hot Summers day bringing out the best in the borders and colours and the best in everyone's work using paint and pastels. Fantastic!

A superb day had by all and lots more skills learned by everyone and a great experience had by all. 

A really rewarding experience for everyone.

Just as a reminder, Autumn workshops at Follifoot Village Hall near Harrogate start 11 October rolling out the new season with 'rolling waves' - pastel and Watercolour in combination!

I'm taking bookings now for them all so do let me know ASAP to secure your place. 

Class number for the full day workshops limited to 16 remember!

For further information and your booking form and leaflet visit

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