Saturday 20 December 2014

All you need for Christmas is 'Paint'

The great magazine from the SAA (Society of All Artists) called 'Paint' is full of creative news and useful hints and tips you just cannot ignore. 

The editors and team who put the magazine together really have their finger on the pulse with what is happening in todays ever changing art world which is issued to all its members throughout the year. Another great reason to join the SAA!

as a professional member it was great to have a feature in the July issue of paint soon after winning the 'Royal Talens Award' in an open competition at 'Patchings art Festival', Calverton, near Nottingham in June 2015 focusing on my visit earlier in the year to SAA 'HQ' at Newark - a really rewarding day which helped me win my award.

The SAA team at Newark introduced me to some really interesting and exciting new art papers and supports which I was kindly given to take home and try. 

One particular paper I was really taken with was Canson Mi-Teintes 'Touch' paper - a really responsive pastel support available in 14 very useful colour shades created by Canson. I liked the paper so much I was able to create some outstanding work on it one of which gained me the open competition award.

Things have gone from strength to strength with the pastel paintings I create on Canson Mi-Teintes 'Touch' paper so much so that Canson have now invited me to become an Ambassador for their papers.

If I had been 'to busy' or had given the invite to visit SAA HQ in Newark a miss I'm sure that none of this would have ever happened. Thanks again SAA!

With a promising NewYear ahead working with Canson again at another prestigious art event - this time at 'Patchings art festival' in June '15 to include demonstrating for them I'll paint the town red this Christmas!

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