Sunday 25 January 2015

Out with the cold...and in with the new!

It’s January and another favourite time of year for me. It’s the start of a new term teaching and with lot’s of other ‘arty’ things going on and up and coming it’s pretty much a lock down here at HQ between my teaching classes!

I’m working hard (and all my fellow exhibitors are too) on the ‘big’ show’ - our exhibition at ‘Inspired by...Gallery’ at the North York Moors Visitors Centre at Danby near Whitby on 16 April to 4 may 2015.

The clock is ticking and the paint is flying! The studio production line is in full force with shipping in and shipping out back and forth to the framers, canvases being pushed and pulled this way and that as paint is dripped, poured, scrapped, sanded, scratched, brushed, layered, mixed...and so much more to create my expressive interpretations of the North York Moors landscapes.

With the start of the new year now in full swing, it really is a great time to look ahead to brighter weather and the shape of things to come. For a start there will be 30 brand new paintings as my contribution to our mixed exhibition ‘All Creations Great and Small’ on the walls of the main gallery at Danby. 

Exciting times ahead. Sleep just gets in the way at the moment!

I’ll keep you posted of proceedings!

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