Tuesday 29 March 2016

A text from Texas

Fab news, I've recently received a message from the directors of Nitram Charcoal that my mixed media black and white paintings on exhibition on their stand in Huston, Texas are drawing in the crowds and delighting the audiences.

Using the full range of Nitram top quality charcoal plus drawing tools (to include their wonderful 'Baton' charcoal holder and innovative sharpening bloc), the mixed media seascape painting featured here quickly developed in lots of exciting multiple layers to create the expressive painting you see here.

Here are just some of the amazing charcoal sticks, blocks, and tools I used. Once you pick up Nitram charcoal you just cannot put it down!

The versatile Nitram Baton and Mignonette charcoal - perfect for the holder and to draw with precision at arms length inspiring more fluid and accurate drawing too

Nitram sharpening bloc perfect for sharpening all your top quality Nitram charcoal sticks and very useful for sharpening other drawing drawing tools such as graphite sticks, pencils and pastel pencils that notoriously break so easily with blades and conventional pencil sharpeners.

Art holidays using Nitram Charcoal

The black and white seascape is one from a series of ever popular paintings and drawings I'm doing on an ongoing basis. They are a real favourite too with my students at Cober Hill near Scarborough on the East Coast of Yorkshire where I teach art holidays at least twice a year. 

The next art holiday mixing seascapes and moorland painting experiences in the wonderful North York Moors National park is in October '16. 

Here's a link to that superb art holiday at Cober Hill near Scarborough


There are only 5 places left now, so you'll have to be quick to book your place!

See you there - Nitram Charcoal in hand!


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