Monday 13 June 2016

Popular Canson paper at Patchings

Drawing into wet ink with Derwent XL Graphite Blocks
Just returned from Patchings Art, Craft and Photography Show near Calverton, Nottingham and had four excellent days demonstrating for Canson and Tindells art Shops with Jamie and his lovely wife and all the other collegues in this friendly and really professional team. A really rewarding experience for all!

A big thank you of course to the Canson team I had the pleasure to work with once again - Alexa and Christophe Renard for their hospitality and support in every way during this great event  and a chance to work with pastelist and fellow UK Ambassador Les Darlow on the Canson stand too.

Team Canson at Patchings

Patchings provided a wonderful opportunity as well to share my skills with budding artists, fellow professional artists and art club members from all over the country showing lots of new and exciting techniques in my demonstrations on the Canson stand using several of their top class fine art papers. 

Explaining why and showing how Canson Moulin du Roy 300gsm (140lb) 'Hot Pressed' (smooth) 100% rag content watercolour paper works brilliantly for both drawing, with graphite, charcoal, inks, pastel and gouache because all those things were used in the painting!

Cutting deep into the paper surface with heavy 'sgraffito' techniques on Canson Moulin du Roy 300gsm (140lb) 'Hot Pressed' (smooth) 100% rag content watercolour paper. Try that with wood pulp papers...if you dare!

Ink washes applied over all those lovely drawn and scratched marks and explaining why. The perfect foundation for expressive painting and drawing

As a UK Ambassador for Canson it was a real privilege to show just how versatile Canson Mi-Tientes 'Touch', Moulin du Roy 300 gsm/140lb 'not', 'rough' and 'hot pressed' can be for all sorts of creative explorations. 

In my continual demos I used  coloured mixed media, black and white mixed media, pastel and watercolour techniques and so much more on these wonderful papers. They really do inspire confidence for all with an expressive painterly approach to include the brand new Amsterdam Acrylic aerosol paints  - really exciting to use and reviewed in use by me in full later in the year for in 'The Artist' magazine. Look out for that!

The Canson stand at Patchings

Above is the last pastel painting (one of 3 major show pieces I did that day) presented on the easel. A few quiet moment to add those finishing touches at the end of our first very busy day. That's just how popular Canson papers are folks! 

The perfect choice - Canson papers, every time!

Another happy customer on the Canson paper stand

Try before you buy...and buy they do!

Canson MI-Tientes 'Touch' 350gsm is one of my favourite papers - its just so versatile! This particular painting 'Last light, Wastwater, Cumbria' was a real thrill to demonstrate on the Canson stand on day 1. 

Close up of the woodland tree study - such great paper, so many layers are truly possible on this versatile paper.
Almost there...and because I was I know how it 'felt', not just 'looked' in such 
an inspirational woodland setting at Rydal Hall, this mixed media painting was all the better for it!

Thanks to all who came and watched me work and for the genuine interest in my art classes, workshops, art holidays in the UK and Spain (to include 'Paint Andalucia and Dalvaro Art) and thanks too for the interest from all the art clubs and individuals who came to see us and watch me demonstrate for future bookings for your next programmes. I'll be thrilled to come and meet you all again and teach you where you are.

One seascape mixed media done (and on display in the browser file)...another just started. They sure are a keen audience at Patchings to learn new things!

The audience has me on my knees again - and it's only day two! 

Mixed media was used during the event so, in my typical layering and expressive painting fashion, the audience had me on my knees once again as you can see!

Typical black and white mixed media art materials to include XL Derwent Charcoal Blocks, Rembrandt pastels, Compressed Charcoal, Nitram Charcoal, Liquitex ink applied with big and long haired brushes

Nitam charcoal, Derwent XL Graphite and Charcoal Blocks, Liquitex Acrylic black and white Inks, Unison Colour pastels, Rembrandt pastels...and so much more were used in the black and white paintings and then when coloured mixed media was put into action too...well, there was so much buzz then on the Canson stand it was almost palatable!

Here's a couple of those mixed media paintings created at different stages of development for everyone.  Sorry they are not finished as I'm not a '3 paintings in 2 hours kind of guy'. But, look out for them in future issues of 'The artist' magazine (since I regularly contribute to this great magazine) featuring lots of different creative approaches, subjects and so on as they are bound to feature.

I managed to have a bit of a break on occasion during the show and have the thrill to hold and admire this beautiful Eagle Owl on my arm in a moment of calm. Thanks to the lady who took the photo and thanks to 'Falcons at Laxton' too for that wonderful experience. 
( Tel:01623 824020).

Just brilliant! Another real highlight of the show for me and a perfect reminder of the expressive mixed media wildlife work I have yet to finish for another future article for 'The Artist' magazine.

The next big major art event is 'Art in Action' in Oxford 14 - 17 July '16 and l will be demonstrating for Canson once again at this exciting art event. 

Come on down and I will show you lots more new and exciting ways of painting on the Canson papers. It's going to be another fabulous experience for those who come and visit us! See you there!


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