Sunday 28 September 2014

All at sea!

This is fresh out of the studio - another expressive painting created on the wonderful and responsive Canson Mi-Tientes Touch paper sent to me by the SAA (Society of All Artists) with whom I'm a professional member. I'll be featuring a thorough 'road test' on several colours on this superb, responsive, pastel support very soon but in the meantime here is on painting I've recently created using the Light Blue colour. 

'Riding the waves'
Pastel on Canson Mi-Tientes Touch pastel support (Light Blue colour) A3 pad
297 x 420 mm

This pastel support is superb! The lightest, delicate strokes and the firmest expressive applications - this paper handles them all, perfectly!

Realistically you need to use very little fixative as the pastel support holds A LOT of pastel which is great and I just love it! 

Knowing that Canson have created Canson Mi-Tientes in 14 different colours in two sheet sizes as micro-abrasive, finely textured, sandblasted, lightfast, age-resistant paper, these Canson Mi-Teintes Touch paper sheets allow for easy corrections and excellent pigment wetting, making them perfect for work with pastel, charcoal,  graphite and so much more!

They are also suitable for wet techniques or mixed media - particularly acrylic and oil pastel.

Available as 50cm x 70cm / 1230gsm  and 50cm x 65cm / 335gsm as Grey Flannel, Dusk, Sepia, Indigo, White (wonderful for charcoal), Cachou, Slate, Grey Sky, Lichen, Black, Chinese grey, Light Blue, Dark Brown and Burgundy.

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