Wednesday 10 September 2014

Whitby twinned with Manhattan!

It's the people that matter and none more so than the hard working fishermen at Whitby featured in this painting.

Sorting the last days catch, Whitby
27.5 x 17 inches 
Pastel on 'Sait' P500 pastel paper 

You have to look for them - but they are there. Clue... top middle, if you haven't spotted them already that is!

It would have been real easy to have left them out and just left the birds but adding the figures adds scale to the whole scene and that all important point of focus. 

It was a real tricky painting to finish and was reminiscent of a commissioned painting I did several years ago which featured the 'full stretch' of Manhattan which was created for the Northern Regional Chairman at PwC showing every window and every building in scale one next to the other accurate in scale and position.

Return to Manhattan
72 x 17 inches
Pastel on 'Sait' P500 pastel paper 

This was the exactly approach for this painting 'Sorting the last days catch - Whitby' to include the foreground boats. 

It was one of those pieces, started as a demo for an Art Society (I forget which) that just begged to be completed. I'm delighted that now it is! 

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